The Foundation Shetland division of the registry was founded by those members wanting to preserve the type of pony shown in the glory days of the 1950's.

You may recall the fancy, little chunky Shetland parading through the state fairs and backyards across America in those years...and many got their start with those ponies. The pony of the 1950s wasn't exactly what stepped off the boats from the Shetland Islands but is a lovely blend of selective breeding from those original imports that became a household word in America.

In comparison to the Classic Shetland, the foundation pony is generally smaller, bigger bodied and Flashheavier boned. They have shorter, as well as thicker, necks and are shorter legged than the Classic Shetland. A pretty head with small ears and large, expressive eyes exemplify foundation pony qualities that breeders aspire to.

Foundation Shetlands are shown in as natural a state as possible. While they are clipped, clean and polished; artificial appliances are not allowed. They are versatile, useful and appreciated by breeders and owners who take special pride in the preservation of the Golden Era Shetland.