2021 is going to be an exciting year for all ASPC/AMHR/ASPR Amateurs!! We hope to involve you!  New programs will be added throughout the year - please check back often to see what is happening. We also want input from our Amateurs! We need to know your thoughts on new programs and help with existing ones. We have had 16 very successful years with the Amateur Program but with time, comes change. We hope you feel the changes being make the Amateur Program even better!

The Amateur Committee is an incredibly active commitee with a lot of interaction. Our goal is to be positive and transparent. We feel that the Youth are our future, but the Amateurs are our Present and we need to actively make our Amateur Program better each and every year. We are actively pursuing sponsors for additional awards and for additional facets to the program. If interested, please contact an amateur committee member to find out more. We will be adding an All Around Amateur Award at both AMHR Nationals and ASPC/ASPR Congress. In addition, we are expanding upon the Supreme Amateur Award for Year End.

In order to actively promote our breeds outside of the show ring, we are revamping the Companion Program in order to grow participation in this wonderful program. We are proud of our Amateurs who are actively promoting their minis and ponies to the public and we want them to be recognized for their considerable effort but feel this is a program that should be open to the entire membership.

A huge part of our promotion is our facebook page (Search Aspc/Amhr/Aspr Amateurs on facebook). We have monthly contests for all current Amateur members - fun ones with changes to win a wide variety of prizes! Through nominations, we are also having Amateur of the Month contests. These are individuals who promote our breed in and out of the show ring. Our Facebook page will also keep you updated with additional updates, awards received and we will post minutes from our committee meetings to keep you all informed. So far, the interaction has been awesome - thanks to our Amateur members!!!

Please help us with these 2 huge areas:  First, make sure you have a current Amateur Card for 2021 - it is only $10 (in addition to annual membership). If you haven't applied for one, you will need to send in your Application and the $10 fee to the National Home Office and you will receive a current Amateur Card. Second, the rules on the local shows for High Point Amateur have changed. As long as the show is a sanctioned show with Amateur classes, they will qualify for the awards.

Please encourage show managers/sponsors to include more amateur classes in their show premiums to ensure that your Amateur Program is successful for amateur exhibitors. New Non-Rated Novice Amateur classes are a great way for beginners to enter the show ring.

The Amateur Committee is excited about the plans for 2021. It won't happen all at once, but we hope you like what changes you have seen so far. Thank you for your continued support of the Amateur Program and American Shetland Pony Club, Inc., organization. We truly do realize and appreciate all of your contributions.

Good Luck and Have fun this year!!!

The following will provide you what you need to get started:

Amateur Rules and Requirements - ASPC Rulebook

Amateur Status Application

Overview of Amateur Program/Awards and Specific Requirements

In an effort to encourage involvement with small equine, a number of special awards are presented to Amateur members.  - Please Note: Amateurs MUST BE an amateur member of the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR to participate in Amateur Programs or to be eligible for amateur awards.


Amateur-Of-Merit Classes

All Around Amateur Award ASPC/ASPR 2019

All Around Amateur Award (OVER) AMHR 2019

All Around Amateur Award (UNDER) AMHR 2019

Amateur Local High Point Awards

Amateur Year End High Point and Supreme Award Program

Exceptional Amateur Award

ASPC Congress Amateur Awards

AMHR Nationals Amateur Awards

Companion Excellence Program -

   - Companion Program now open to all adult members

Amateur Incentive Program - Gelding

Amateur Incentive Program - Mare