2018 Marks the 130th Anniversary of the American Shetland Pony Club! We begin the new year with a fresh logo to represent our organization and the registries we represent. (Have you visited our online store yet? www.shopshetlandmini.com has official merchandise and online renewal!)

The primary logo was designed with a center image of three equine head silhouettes (the middle one is found in the reverse space) and while none were created to signify a specific division or breed, together they represent the Miniature Horse, Shetland Pony, Show Pony and National Sport Performance Pony.

Taking into account the longevity and loyalty of our members and small equine enthusiasts, classic navy blue and red were chosen to signify this spirit as well as the fact that "American" is included in 4 or our 5 registries (the other includes "National"). 

American Shetland Pony Club, Inc., is the parent organization. It includes our five main registries: ASPC, AMHR, ASPR, NSPPR and ASPIR (signified by the 5 red stars). Our primary registries are represented by the 3 stars located above their acronyms and the combination of stars represent the 8 Areas. 

The former logo was actually three logos with each highlighting a different silhouette. The new logo takes away the challenge of choosing which horse logo to use when representing the organization. While the one picture above is the primary logo and the one which should be used most often and whenever more than one registry is represented, secondary logos can be used it if it involves only one registry.

Secondary Logos

Secondary Logos Group


Graphic Standards are available upon request.